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Here's a selection of my projects in no particular order.

CSS Sprite Generator

A tool which aims to simplify the process of creating sprites and associated CSS. Upload a ZIP file containing individual images and it will return a combined image and all the CSS background-position rules required to display each component image. It accepts and can generate PNG, GIF and JPEGs and provides a range of options allowing you to tailor the output image and CSS to your site.

Code Formatter

Prepares code snippets for inclusion in a blog post. Code is formatted with line numbers, indentation is preserved and special characters are replaced with entities where necessary.

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Translation Library

A simple native PHP class which provides the functionality required to translate your web site. Supports variable substitution (both named and numeric) and language file inheritance. Useful in situations where gettext isn't installed.

The library doesn't currently support multiple plural forms (although this could be simulated logic within your program) but will be added in the near future.

More information about translation library and download details

Template Engine

A PHP class which provides an efficient PHP templating solution.

More information about templating engine and download details


A class for reading RSS files. Caches data for performance and consolidates field names resulting in a consistent output format.

More information about SimpleRSS and download details


A highly configurable PHP class for generating CAPTCHAs. Also includes an experimental audio CAPTCHA.

More information about PhpCaptcha and download details


A comprehensive class for accessing the API (both the main REST and JSON APIs). Provides built in caching support and mechanisms to limit request rates which guards against potential API throttling.

More information about PhpDelicious and download details


A file based caching solution (optional support for APC to follow shortly).

Download PhpCache

Minimal CSS Reset File

My take on a minimal CSS reset file.

More information about CSS Reset file and download details


A script for automatically merging and versioning CSS and JS resources on-the-fly.

More information about Combine and download details