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  • Version 2 of CSS Sprite Generator released

    9 years, 2 days ago

    Stuart and I have just released a new version of our CSS Sprite Generator. We've given it quite a major overhaul and it now uses Image Magick to generate sprite images instead of GD. This produces much higher quality images and fixes all of the related bugs filed. Additionally we've added options to control the number of colours used in the sprite image for PNGs and GIFs and the image quality for JPEGs. Finally we've added an option to pass sprite images through OptiPNG to compress the output when using PNGs. This frequently results in at least a 50% decrease in file size and should save trips to Image Ready to post optimise your images.

    Behind the scenes we've completely restructured the code and heavily commented it to make it easier to understand. We'll be updating Launchpad with this latest version of the code in the next few days. Stay tuned.

    The addition of these features has meant we're missing a number of translations. If you think you can help us fill in the gaps for your language please drop us a line or visit our translation help page for more information.

    As you can imagine CSS Sprite Generator is very CPU intensive and therefore requires a fairly high quality hosting environment. To help support future development and hosting costs we're now selling a couple of small graphical button ads along side the text links we've sold on the site up until now. We've tried to ensure these have been added as unobtrusively as possible so hopefully they won't impact your experience whilst using the tool. If you're interested in advertising we've got a page which gives all the details of the options available.

    For the future we're mulling over a number of ideas for new features. One in particular is the addition of a REST based API (returning JSON and serialised PHP). We'd love to hear what you think about this and your thoughts on what else we should add to the tool going forward.