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Entries for January 2008

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  • CSS Sprite Generator Source Code Released

    9 years, 5 months ago

    Stuart and I have just released the source code for our CSS sprite generation tool on Launchpad. It's covered by a BSD license which allows both personal and commercial use. If you've got Bazaar installed you can checkout the remote branch. Alternatively you can download a tzr.gz of the files from the same location.

    There isn't any documentation at the moment and there's definately parts of the code I'd like to rework. That's coming in due course, please bear with us.

    Checking out the release branch

    Simply run bzr branch lp:css-sprite-generator/0.1 from the command line.

    Downloading a tar.gz

    Download tar.gz of files

  • Major update to PhpDelicious

    9 years, 5 months ago

    I've spent some time updating PhpDelicious, a library I wrote for accessing the del.icio.us API. I've received quite a bit of interest in it recently and a number of people have emailed me about bugs they'd found. Thanks for those - the library was long overdue an overhaul.

    I've fixed the bugs reported, it's now PHP 5 only, has an improved (more robust) HTTP request method which supports sensible connection and transfer timeouts and several new methods based on the del.icio.us JSON API - GetUrlDetails, GetNetwork, GetMyNetwork, GetFans and GetMyFans.

    Finally I've set up a new project page at http://www.ejeliot.com/projects/php-delicious/.

    In due course I'll be running through some of my other projects and applying similar updates.