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Blog Code Formatting Tool

10 years, 7 months ago

I've made some improvements to a tool I wrote a while ago which prepares code snippets for inclusion within a blog post. Code is formatted with line numbers, indentation is preserved and special characters are replaced with entities where necessary.

The interface is still a little crude and I'm in two minds about the semantic correctness of using an ordered list for the numbering but the output certainly looks nice.

View the tool here


  • Where is the preview?

    My Request - 5th November 2006 #

  • Thanks for the feedback. Good point. I'm working on it and I'll post an updated version incorporating a preview soon.

    Ed Eliot - 6th November 2006 #

  • This is a very cool tool. Thanks for working on it and developing it!

    Dave J. (Scoop0901) - 12th March 2007 #

  • I've just created the same tool like this, but more beautiful and colorful. More option for you to choose which color is appropriate to your blog or website. Check it here:

    Jimmy - 18th November 2013 #

  • Hi, I just create my own tool. The ideas is the same with you :) but it's look more simple than you. By the way, your's very good. I'm trying to improve mine

    Duka - 14th December 2013 #

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