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Source code for version 2 of CSS Sprite Generator

8 years, 11 months ago

Stuart and I have just released the source code for the latest version of our CSS Sprite Generator. As mentioned in my previous post the code has undergone a major refactoring and support for Image Magick has been added which greatly improves the quality of the images produced. Additionally there are options for tweaking the number of colours used in the output image, the image quality and for compressing images through OptiPNG.

Download a tar.gz of the source or check out the Bazaar branch.


  • Generator site is down for today.

    Well, I've downloaded the source(Thank!) so I'm fine, but I've translated the site into Japanese.

    Where should I send my translation?

    Yuya Saito - 15th August 2008 #

  • @Yuya - Thanks for letting me know it's down. I'll investigate. Thanks also for translating. Please email files to

    Ed Eliot - 15th August 2008 #

  • Hi, Ed. It's came back, so I've send my translation via the site.

    Please check the email, it might fall into Spam...


    Yuya Saito - 15th August 2008 #

  • Yuya - thanks. I got your email ok. Much appreciated.

    Ed Eliot - 16th August 2008 #

  • anyway to get this tool to generate horizontal sprites instead of vertical? I tried setting the vertical offset to 0 and it gave me an error.

    matt - 30th October 2008 #

  • Wow...excellent work..tq

    febri - 22nd November 2011 #

  • Seo

    Seo - 2nd May 2013 #

  • thaks

    filmseyredelim - 23rd July 2014 #

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