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Opera releases Dragonfly for Opera 9.5 beta 2

9 years, 1 month ago

Opera has released Dragonfly, their Firebug like developer console, as part of the latest release Opera 9.5 beta 2. It looks pretty promising - at a quick glance I think it compares favourably with the equivalent tool in Safari 3.

The initial version includes a JavaScript Debugger, a DOM Inspector, CSS Inspector, error console and a command line and, although it doesn't currently offer editing capabilities, they'll follow shortly as well as the ability to inspect XHR/HTTP headers.

I used Opera as my main browser for a couple of months at the start of the year but found myself reluctantly returning to Firefox as I was having to run it almost all the time anyway for access to the developer tools. The addition of editing capabilities to Dragonfly will likely see me return to Opera as I found it much snappier and memory usage over time much lower.

More information and download details available from the official Dragonfly web site. Chris Mills has also posted a detailed walk through explaining how to use the tool on the Opera Developer site.


  • As this is a little belated from originally posted - I have taken to Dragonfly. I like the clean look it has and how it renders...although I kinda feel like it was inspired by others like safari..but who doesn't. I am impressed by it

    Nichole - 27th June 2008 #

  • Opera used to be awesome but lately I've really liked all the customization that Firefox gives you with the billions of plugins that it has. Chrome isn't too bad either but since Google makes it I'm a little afraid to use it.

    Boise Plumber - 8th September 2012 #

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