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27 million microformats on Kelkoo

9 years, 3 months ago

Ben has just written a blog post on YDN which talks about the microformats we recently added to the redesigned Kelkoo web site. As Ben explains Kelkoo now has around 27 million instances of microformats on its site, a seriously fantastic achievement. Congratulations to all the guys that made this possible: Stuart Colville, Cyril Doussin, Andrew Phillipo, Tristan Turpin and particularly Ben Ward, our resident microformats champion.

To explain one of the potential benefits of microformats he's also written a sample JavaScript widget which uses Drew McLellan's hKit microformats parser and the embedded microformats to display product information on Kelkoo based on the tags assigned to an arbitrary blog post.


  • Nice link to "Stuart"! How many coffees did he make for you in exchange of the favour? :)

    Cyril - 28th March 2008 #

  • None. I have yet to determine suitable repayment.

    Ed Eliot - 28th March 2008 #

  • It think it is a wonderful thing that HTML pages no longer have to be "scraped" to reuse content with microformats. I know this is a very powerful convenience for anyone in our field but even I underestimated the "published 26,456,448 hListings on Kelkoo." Yes greatly underestimated. There is a lot work put in behind this and I am so anxious to watch how much bigger that number is going to grow! great post for someone to learn something if they don't know already. Just a side note - I did have a problem with the Drew McLellans to work.

    jessica - 1st April 2008 #

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