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CSS Sprite Generator Source Code Released

9 years, 5 months ago

Stuart and I have just released the source code for our CSS sprite generation tool on Launchpad. It's covered by a BSD license which allows both personal and commercial use. If you've got Bazaar installed you can checkout the remote branch. Alternatively you can download a tzr.gz of the files from the same location.

There isn't any documentation at the moment and there's definately parts of the code I'd like to rework. That's coming in due course, please bear with us.

Checking out the release branch

Simply run bzr branch lp:css-sprite-generator/0.1 from the command line.

Downloading a tar.gz

Download tar.gz of files


  • Hi Ed,

    Thanks for sharing, I'm downloading it now - can't wait to take a look at it.


    Adriaan Nel - 26th January 2008 #

  • Thank you so much, I was just looking for a tool like that, and here it is! I'm looking forward to a decent documentation and other updates.

    Joseph Hodges - 27th January 2008 #

  • @ Ed, thanx for sharing. The post link to: "CSS sprite generation tool" seems to be dead. I think it should be:

    But for now I'll start digging in to the code.

    Lenen - 11th February 2008 #

  • Link fixed. Sorry about that.

    Ed Eliot - 10th March 2008 #

  • Well at least I learned something new today. First time I've read about css sprites. Seems like a pretty clever way to optimise background image loading. One of my sites in an ecommerce site, with loads of small background images and icons, so will test it out in the weekend.

    Steen Keuken - 16th April 2008 #

  • Hi! I just used It's an amazing tool! But I don't understand how to apply the css and html code to my site. Please show me an example! -Johan

    johan - 17th April 2008 #

  • I'll try this one now, thanks for sharing :)

    Fedmich - 29th May 2008 #

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