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Major update to PhpDelicious

9 years, 5 months ago

I've spent some time updating PhpDelicious, a library I wrote for accessing the API. I've received quite a bit of interest in it recently and a number of people have emailed me about bugs they'd found. Thanks for those - the library was long overdue an overhaul.

I've fixed the bugs reported, it's now PHP 5 only, has an improved (more robust) HTTP request method which supports sensible connection and transfer timeouts and several new methods based on the JSON API - GetUrlDetails, GetNetwork, GetMyNetwork, GetFans and GetMyFans.

Finally I've set up a new project page at

In due course I'll be running through some of my other projects and applying similar updates.


  • a really neat and useful piece of code! thanks for sharing - i discovered it just now since my interest are bending towards some delicious automation at the moment. i am still struggling a bit to get the GetUrlDetails details - but overall it is really nice

    jerome - 11th January 2009 #

  • hi the link seems to be dead can you please update or is the project no longer being maintained

    jacques - 3rd April 2012 #

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